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 Ugh I feel crap :T I forgot how much I hated Dumfries...

On the bright side however~! I managed to buy my sister new gloves to replace the ones the dog ate :T And I bought her the Professor Layton DVD to say sorry as it was technically my fault the dog ate them ^^' I bought myself a new bag, one big enough to fit ALL my stuff in so I don't have to steal my brothers satchel any more XD AND IT HAS THE UNION FLAG ON IT~! *is happy* and some lovely earrings~ I bought the earrings and then facepalmed when I realised that I had thought "Oh~ These will suit Iggy too!" OTL

Not a bad day all in all ^^ and we're off to Edinburgh tomorrow to go to a museum~ I love museums~ Though I always find myself wandering them alone ^^' ffft

~Peace out~
 Ugh I do this every time >_> I simply do not seem to learn....

I am halfway-ish through my assignment, having completed the first question I have moved onto the second one. This must be finished tonight and sent off tonight too, as tomorrow I am supposed to be catching the 09:10am bus (HA!) into Dumfries for some jobseeker thing :T I am not looking forward to it... especially considering it will no doubt be a) boring or b) embarrassing.

or even c) a mixture of the two!

On another note, I am feeling rather confused about myself. I'm not quite sure what to think anymore... I was given some rather large news before Christmas and it's been on my mind ever since... I don't really know what to do and as we all know I am hardly the easiest person to talk to!

Anyway, I had better get back to this bloody assignment, the sooner it's completed the sooner I can sleep!

Doomed assignment of DOOM

 I'm supposed to be writing my next assignment for uni but.... I CAN'T THINK WHERE TO START!! OTL Part 1 is on Faraday and Part 2 is on this poem.... I wish assignments would write themselves :T or someone would invent a machine to do it for you >_>


Christmas is coming~...

...and Alfred's getting fat~

Hehe it's Little Christmas Eve today~! Which means Christmas is in less than two days!!..... Though I can't seem to bring up the usual excitement.... It's coming like it's just another day for me :T I suppose that's this 'growing up' thing I've apparently been doing >_>

SO today I delivered cards to those living on the farm and then... had lunch? Oh we watched Madagascar too... and I downloaded 2 Spamano FST's~ I love them ♥

Well now, because mum and Pip are out and may not be back I have to go feed calves ¬_¬ The parents are going out tonight too... so lucky me gets stuck babysitting! Woohoo~! Fun ¬_¬ Though with our new Skybox I will have better TV to watch~

Peace out~!


This taste that you call bitter...

 ...is to me the sweetest thing.
This feeling that you call cold is to me the warmest thing.
This touch that you call rough is to me the softest thing.
These eyes that you call blind, see more than you would think.
This heart that you call twisted.....is beating just for you.
This love that you say you hate....is all I can give you.  
Please don't leave me.
You're all I have left.

~Dedicated to Denmark~

Anyway so a big thanks to my friend Zoe for linking me to Himaruya's blog where we found the possible names for characters such as Denmark, Iceland, Norway and Hong Kong. Yes! He's bringing the names back~!! I can't wait to see which ones he picks out!! ♥ ♥

I personally hope Denmark gets Mikkel or Christiansen because those names are amazing and suit him in my opinion :3 And Norway gets Bjørn~ And Iceland gets Erik :3 ♥ and Hong Kong gets Li Xiao Chun ♥

Glasgow tomorrow~!!! To meet Megan~!!! I am so so so excited!! ♥♥ I can't wait!! Eeee >w< I won't sleep tonight xD I feel about three years old again~! ♥

No new news on the real life front however ^^' Nothing much going on really....unless something is happening and I haven't been told >_> that happens a lot....

So cold even the maple has frozen!!

 It's freezing...and I'm sat in my bedroom >w< We've been out all day at a Scout meeting for our trip to Kenya next year, so the heating in my room wasn't put on OTL 

The meeting was good, figured out what we're doing and which groups we're in. I'm painting a mural in a workshop in this school, which is for disabled children. My group has almost decided on a design which is good :) We also had a small Ceilidh~! It was good fun! I've never danced at a Ceilidh before *feels deprived* so it was nice to dance :) The hall was a bit small for us all but we had fun ^^ Or at least....I had fun >_>

Tomorrow mum goes up by Glasgow to fetch my little brother home and I don't think I'll go with her...I really don't want to spend another day in the car ^^' and we're not going into Glasgow either so....no point~!

God I have so many things that need doing....my uni needs paying for, my next assignment needs writing, I need to find a job really, I have drawings needing finished, I have 'begging' letters to write asking for funding....my head hurts already TT____TT

So my mind is all jumbled up and crazy @_@ I need some time out really...to gather myself and chill for a while before my brain explodes or I snap....whichever comes first...

♥ !~Peace out~! ♥


 I'm going to bang my head against the wall....I wrote this hugely long post only to press the wrong button by accident and delete the entire thing.......*headwalls* Not happy...

To begin again, I feel worse than this morning...I think it was the car drive to be honest ^^' I don't like loooooong car drives down twisty roads >_> and I have to be up and away at nine to Dumfries for a Scout meeting OTL

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 was....it was epic~! I was stunned by it! It was so amazing :) I had expected it to be a disappointment but it did not disappoint at all! It was brilliant! Definitely the best one so far!! Right  from the beginning it was a beautiful and emotional piece, a lot darker of course than the last six. The beginning (and a lot of the way through it) it had an almost melancholic feel (at least I thought it did >_>) like "This is it. We're leaving behind our pasts and our childhood and who knows if we'll come out alive at the end" Any tiny little mention or showing of Sirius made me want to cry (He's my favourite character ^^) and I did cry a lot during the film ^^' In fact...the very first scene made me cry and the total I believe was about 7 times, that that movie made me cry...I am a sap really OTL

My first OU assignment came back. I got an overall grade of 56 which is about average so I'm pretty happy with that, especially for a first assignment :) Now of course, with my tutors feedback, I'll be better prepared for the next assignment.....ffft :D

My bunny hoodie came~!! It's so so so so cute!! I love it to bits and I haven't even worn it properly yet xD My mum was like "What the?" when she saw it (she made me unwrap the parcel downstairs so she could see ¬_¬) and then she asked why I bought it from Hong Kong. I told her "Because they don't sell them in the UK" and she said she "Could see why!" ¬_¬ Tch parents who cares~ ^^ I love it :3
I shall wear it tomorrow

Anyway that's all from me after long post mark two ¬_¬ I shall sleep now and attempt to sleep off this illness, Goodnight~ ♥

In which maple drips down the walls...

 Okay so I still don't feel particularly well. My nose is running and my head feels like it's been stuffed with cotton wool...though it still hurts :( But at least my stomach doesn't feel yucky!

We'll be setting off to see Harry Potter 7 part 1 soon~ Mum spent a good half hour watching all the trailers and teaser trailers on Youtube with us and now I am desperate to see it! It looks epic~!

In other news, I found the cable for my camera~! It was in mum's 'blue box of computer-y stuffs' ¬_¬ Ah well, at least I have it now~! So the camera is on charge and ready for some photographing~!

In celebration of finding the cable here's some photos of two drawings I am working on at the moment~

~WIP art~ Collapse )

Well that's all from me for now...going to go and hunt out some lunch before we leave :)

Oh! Guys this is really important and I'd be grateful if you could at least take a look ^^

I signed the petion but you don't have to...as long as you're aware of what's going on and the fact that we might loose the entire tiger population if we don't do something.

Please look, it'll only take a minute at least!


The Cold brings his illness to town...

 Ah I feel terrible right now...I know I should sleep but I really can't...my stomach is churning and my head hurts...I think I'm going to cry TT__TT Hug anyone?

To try and up my mood I decided to post some of my arts~ It's all photos I'm afraid and not scans because my laptop doesn't connect to the printer for some reason :(

Art is here~!Collapse )


Is that your final answer?

Fun Question Meme I got pointed tooooo~! ♥ It was fun filling this out ^^ Thank you Megan!! ♥

♥ ~Meme fun!~ ♥Collapse )